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Skills Cymru – Cardiff 2015

On the 21st and 22nd of October DevOpsGuys exhibited at the Skills Cymru 2015 event in Cardiff. Skills Cymru is a highly interactive careers event for young people where exhibitors tempt and inspire students by providing an array of hands on activities and skills taster sessions.

Over 7,000 young people attended this year’s event from schools and colleges across Wales. The event was also attended by Julie James AM, Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology.


Four DevOpsGuys engineers attended the event and recreated a continuous delivery pipeline in the form of a ball game. The game was used to demonstrate the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility when delivering change. The hands-on approach generated a huge amount of interest in the exhibit and the students had great fun acting out the pipeline.


Our engineers had a busy but rewarding few days!

Skills Cymru is organised by Prospects and Cazbah and supported by the Welsh Government and Careers Wales.

The first 2 day Agile conference to hit Cardiff



The DevOpsGuys team are excited about Cardiff’s very first two-day Agile conference:

Agile Cymru in association with Adaptagility, is a jam-packed 2 day conference with presentations from leading experts in the agile space. The conference will take place in the heart of Cardiff and the home of the Welsh Arts – the Millennium Centre on July 7 and 8, 2015.

As the first of its kind to grace the capital of Wales, Agile Cymru is all set to inspire and educate those of the Welsh community looking for a more collaborative, flexible and responsive way of working. The event format will consist of interactive and storytelling workshops, giving first-hand advice and techniques to attendees, from industry experts and practitioners.

Agile Cymru presents a unique opportunity to help teams gain actionable insights to significantly improve the way they operate, as well as help develop and nurture the agile community in Wales.

Conference host James Scrimshire, says: “I’m really excited about AgileCymru, it’s the first large Agile conference held in Wales, we’ve got an incredible lineup and a stunning venue. Agile is now becoming more prevalent in Wales and I can’t wait to help bring exciting ideas and talent here to help adopters learn and improve.”

Early bird tickets are now on sale, with a limited time offer saving attendees a massive £100 off the standard price.

If you’re interested in getting involved and securing your seat at Agile Cymru this year, register your interest here

For further information on what’s involved and the speakers lined up, please visit

Leave your Technical Debt behind this New Year

Or: How DevOps can put you back in the black for 2015

Courtesy of Paul Downey
Courtesy of Paul Downey

When you’re running a business there are so many things to focus on that it can be easier than you think to fall into technical debt. If IT is not your speciality or your business isn’t set up to deal with the perpetual developments of cloud computing patching things hurriedly together or using inexpert coding can seem like a quick fix that you can come back to and do properly in the future; in effect you’re borrowing time.

Unfortunately errors often beget errors, piling up ‘interest’ on your technical debt that your business might find it impossible to get out of in the long run. It’s a serious problem that can leave you wasting time and money, repeatedly solving problems caused by early errors.

With continuous development expert Alex Yates joining us for the 1st DevOps Meet Up of the year on Jan the 7th we took a look at his blog to see how a DevOps approach can help you tackle your software and IT problems before they become serious, unsolvable issues.

Here are some of Alex’s tips to prevent your technical debt reaching critical mass:


  • Source Control to better manage changes. Thankfully this is pretty much a given for most people now.
  • Thorough automated testing. Adopting Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Delivery.
  • Better teamwork/communication across IT teams. Adopting a more DevOps approach.
  • Better communication with business managers to help them understand the consequences of shipping features too fast without time to focus on quality. The business guys will want you to ship quickly now but they’ll also want you to be agile later in the year right?
  • Keeping track of technical debt visually, monitoring it and paying it back (refactoring it) when possible

Using actual case studies in Wednesday’s talk Alex will share his expertise on the need for changes in organisational structure, process and technology, which are necessary to arrive at a nimble, fast, automatable and continuous database deployment process.

The session will tackle how to customise common practices and tool sets to build a database deployment pipeline unique to your environment in order to speed your own database delivery while still protecting your organization’s most valuable asset, its data.

At DevOpsGuys we specialise in continuous delivery, application management and leading on development processes that allow your business to function to its greatest capacity; we manage your website so you can focus on your business.

To understand how  DevOpsGuys  can help  you get control of your technical debt in 2015 read more on our website or say hello on Twitter @DevOpsGuys.

Happy New year!


DevOps Cardiff Meetup is Launched!

If you want to deliver better software faster, and live in or close to Cardiff, Wales – then this group is for you!

A chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies for implementing Continuous Delivery, Automation and DevOps practices through short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to chat it after over drinks/snacks with new friends.

This event was created with the intention of uncovering betters ways of interacting between development and operations, by doing it and helping others do it.

Our aims are simple;

1. Demonstrate tools, techniques and practices we use to bridge the gap between software development and IT groups they rely upon.

2. Facilitate discussion on DevOps successes and challenges.

3. Explore, experiment and learn new and better ways of practicing DevOps.

Come and join us and help create more awesome!

DevOps Cardiff

Cardiff, GB
19 Members

If you’re a Developer or Operations person in the Cardiff Area and wanting to deliver better software faster, then this group is for you!A chance to exchange some of the late…

Next Meetup

Inaugural DevOps Meetup

Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 6:30 PM
11 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


Here are the slides from James’s epic demo at #VelocityConf…



Lessons Learnt:

(1) Don’t share the URL to your new tool with a room of 800 geeks BEFORE your demo

(2) make sure you have “here’s one I created earlier” web pages in another Chrome Tab

(3) Have a larger API key so you don’t run out of test credits…

Meet the DevOpsGuys @VelocityConf & @WebPerfDays

This week is a full on conference-fest for the DevOpsGuys!

@TheDevMgr will be doing a lightening demo at Velocity Conf on (a global testing front-end for

Then the @DevOpsGuys will have “Office Hours” at Velocity at 10.45am on Thursday.

@TheOpsMgr will be hanging around Velocity all week while furiously sorting out last minute details for WebPerfDays London 2013 (which is now Sold Out but there are some tickets still available for the “After Party” on Saturday night I you want to come and hang out post-Velocity).

We’ll be around in the Hilton Metropole bar on Wednesday night if you want to come over to say hello. Just listen out for the loud Aussie and Welshman and that will be us…